Dining Hall Tracking System can communicate online with the computer thus providing record to the installed YTS (Dining Hall Tracking System) module on the computer and the required operations are applied. Thus the company will avoid lunch receipt queues, receipt operations, and errors during receipt collection. In YTS system, 3 different meal tracking can be made with only one reading. The meal ranges can be defined parametrically in the system by the administration.

Why Dining Hall Tracking System?

Computer prints can be received based on person, department or all personnel. With the help of this module, the entrances to the dining hall will be controlled and the disputes between the firms and food producing companies thus providing a serious saving to the firm within the year.

After the card is read once, audio and visual warning mechanism is enabled if a second reading is attempted in the same meal, thus preventing multiple food receiving.

With the help of our system several statistical information such as who eats the most food, or which visitors have used the dining hall, can be reported easily. This module provides flexible reporting possibilities to the firms.

* Total food consumption,
* Personal food consumption,
* Guest report,
* Date based reports.

These systems which provide serious benefits with regard to institutional efficiency are becoming widespread everyday and improve the added value of the firms with their easy usage, technological safety which removes the human error and their flexibility.