Blue Code is used in order to direct the related personnel in arrest conditions of basic life support process, for emergency intervention.

System is integrated with Winsoft HIS application and thus provides one-point access and control of past reports and tracking.

It is required by the decree of the Health Ministry numbered 2008/54 that all electronic devices within hospitals be integrated with HIS system.

"Seconds are important in arrest conditions!.."

Work processes are gaining speed, examination-treatment tracking and records are easier!

Work processes are gaining speed and examination-treatment tracking and recording is easier in Oral Dental Health Centers and Dental Policlinics with technological solutions.

Prestij Software added its new project called "DENTAL CLINIC" to new generation technological solutions. As a result of detailed R&D activities, it provides an infrastructure where dental treatment-examination can easily be tracked, medical viewing devices are integrated and all operations of the user can be registered.

- Fully integrated with HIS,
- Integrated patient call system with Winsoft Plasma and Queue Tracking System,
- Ergonomic and easy usage,
- Wireless communication,
- Easy data entrance and tracking,
- Visual and simultaneous tracking of dental scheme,
- Ability to make patient-specific treatment plan,
- Cross controls within work rules,
- Creating dynamic rules in order to prevent incorrect data entry,
- Personalization functions at data entry moment.

System operates with wireless technology.

It is required by the decree of the Health Ministry numbered 2008/54 that all electronic devices within hospitals be integrated with HIS system.

System components;

SmartCode Blue Code Button:
It is used to warn the authorized personnel in arrest conditions and define the related area. In accordance with the definitions, the button represents the blue code area.

SmartCode Blue Code Receiver:
It provides transfer of signals sent by the blue code button to the computer.

SmartCode Blue Code Transmitter:
It provides transmission of blue code alarm received from SmartCode server to SmartCode blue code call device.

SmartCode Blue Code Call Device:
It is located in blue code team, and it has the ability to detect with audio and vibration feature. It directs the team in accordance with the alarm received from the device.

SmartCode Server:
This is the blue code main computer integrating with the Winsoft HIS software, and archives the information received from the receiver and transmitted to call device through transmitter, and includes reporting related information. Receivers and transmitters are connected to this system through network connection.

SmartCode Application Software:
It works integrated with Winsoft HIS software. It is used for blue code device definitions, receiver definitions, retrospective status reporting and archiving operations.

Pink Code Application:
All system components in blue code system are used within this system. Pink code is used in baby theft or loss within the hospital.