Winsoft X-Ray Queue Tracking System (RTS)

X-Ray Tracking system regulates queues of patients before x-ray departments, and queue tracking.

LTS is activated when an x-ray analysis is made from the policlinic where the patient is treated. The system creates a patient list according to the date and time of examination and gives a queue number to the patient for x-ray at the moment of request.

With the help of the queue number the patient receives from the policlinic they are treated, or from the plasma screen in front of the x-ray department, their name and number can be followed.

In hospitals with full automation, the systems can be operated by connecting a barcode printer. With the help of the barcode printer connected in the policlinic, the device related to the examinations requested prints barcodes and queue numbers given directly to the patient and the operations can be made by following the name and number in front of the x-ray department without need to register again.