Patient Recognition and Appointment System (PosPC)

PosPC Patient Recognition System allows patients to make treatment registries and appointments automatically using their right to choose doctor without waiting in the desk queue.

What can you do?

* Instant treatment registry and queuing
* Instant or future appointment
* Doctor and management staff leave statuses
* General information, announcements, news, etc. about the hospital

The patient reads the patient recognition card on which there is the identity information of the patient on the devices in the policlinics and opens the examination record by selecting examination registry and automatically querying the provision and tracking number in the background. If the patient wants to make a future appointment, they can select the Make an Appointment option on the screen and by reading the doctor's card on the machine they can make an appointment in appropriate date and time. Examination queue number is also displayed on the screen of the PosPC.

Why PosPC HTS?

With the help of HTS application, the queues within the hospitals, both on the desk and policlinics will end. Every PosPC HTS facilitates examination record with touch-screen where doctor/policlinic selection can be easily made. All the patient needs to do is to go to the policlinic and read the patient recognition card to the barcode reader and wait for the examination turn after the completion of all registry operations.