PACS system provides safe, rapid and easy access to the digital images obtained through digital viewing devices of the experts.

How does WinPACS work?
Images obtained from magnetic resonance, computer tomography, ultrasonography and similar devices are converted to an internationally standard medical digital data form called DICOM and transferred to PACS server through local network. After required classification and grouping is performed on the images here automatically, they are archived in database server. After the completion of these operations, all specialists from medical units can access the images from their own computers, make operations on them, add notes about diagnosis and treatment, receive visual reports.

with Winsoft PACS,

End to film envelopes:
The patients will not need to walk between the policlinics carrying film envelopes.

Data saving:
Conventional film prints can be harmed and deformed in time because of sun, humidity, etc. However with WinPACS system, your data will always be saved in the best condition and be archived automatically.

Efficient time usage:
As a result of the electronic data transfer feature resulting from integration of PACS system with HIS, it does not need conventional film printing methods, thus the patients will receive their radiological film results in much shorter while, reducing interpreting and reporting times. Do not expose to radiation: The patients will not need to be exposed to radiation resulting from errors in film prints.

Do not be exposed to radiation:
Patients was not exposed to radiation again due to errors in the printed image.

Comparison of the treatment process:
If the patient had previously taken a film, these records can easily be accessed and compared. Therefore it can be assessed better whether the applied treatment is successful or not.

Improve efficiency:
Working efficiency of the radiologists and specialists in hospitals are improved by saving time and labor power.

Correct diagnosis:
The experts can zoom in or out in the images of the films they receive in WinPACS medium with the flexibility of the software, thus can make a more detailed and accurate diagnosis.

Decrease queues:
Patient traffic in hospitals is minimized by efficient time and labor usage.

With the help of central system which makes it possible that digital images are viewed in most efficient way in local and other workstations for diagnosis, reporting and consultation, the cooperation between the specialists is increased.