Operation Theater Tracking System

Knowing the conditions of the patient having an operation or giving birth is the natural right of his/her relatives. The doctor reads the wristband of the patient with the barcode-reading palm PC before the operation and selects the condition, so that the condition of the patient will be displayed in the plasma screen in the waiting hall. The conditions of patients in operation or those who will be operated can be followed by their relatives instantly during the day.

Portable palm PCs are integrated with the medical information system in the hospital through Winsoft-Mobile Solutions Pack and all data is made available to hospital professionals independently from location and time and mobile data entry is made possible.

All patients in the hospital are given a wristband by Winsoft Mobile Solutions. These wristbands include personal details, doctor and service information on them. The doctor can read the wristband with the palm PC and can access all the information regarding the patient.

* Reporting can be made by reading barcode or RF-ID wristbands on patients.

* Mobile operation of examination requests on patients such as laboratory, x-ray and tracking these processes; and if required, changing the processes.

* With the help of the wireless technology, ability to use regardless of location within the hospital.

* Can be parameterized: The different ways of data entry, tracking and reporting can be done.

* Pharmacy and drug material input-output counts can be made.

Service Patient Tracking System

The doctors can process the treatments, laboratory, x-ray examination, daily treatments and daily medicines by reading the wristband of the patient which includes personal details, doctor and service information during the visit operations. Since all these operations are doctor-controlled, data loss is minimized, incorrect data entry is prevented and most importantly the operations to be made on the patients can be followed online from the system.

The doctors no longer need to fill in orders or patient visit forms for the patients in the service.

Because now there is Winsoft Mobile Service.