WINLIS is a laboratory information system operating in many areas of Turkey in public and private health institutions. Winsoft LIS is an information management system tracking, reporting and managing the lab operations starting from the test decision to the invoicing operation. WinLIS is designed in order to give as little workload to the users as possible, and help them in producing the fastest and most accurate solutions by principle. All unnecessary and impractical operations are taken away and it was developed "user-oriented".

TCP, RS232, Access, TXT Communication
It can operate fully integrated with all the devices being used in medical device industry.

Results Backup
The results coming from the medical device are instantly backed up both in databases and the PC the device is connected, and even in case of possible problems, the results from the system can be saved. The database automatically backs up 3 times a day in the background. There are developed back-up options such as scheduled and automatic.

User warnings and interactions
In patients within panic value ranges, laboratory employee is warned instantly both visually and with sound, thus required intervention is made to the patient in the shortest time and most accurately. A user without any knowledge about the system can conduct the required laboratory operations following the software.

Automatic risk, low high warnings
Results of the patients are displayed to the laboratory employee in the most appropriate way according to age, sex and tests.

Full integration with quality criteria
All operations and procedures are recorded starting from the coming of the patient and results can be achieved through retrospective queries.

Flexible Reporting and Statistics
With advanced reporting options, statistical tracking and reporting according to the results can easily be made. The users may receive their own reports based on kit usage, doctor, unit, policlinic, and provide auto control mechanism retrospectively.

Kit & Inventory Tracking
You can track your kits either by HIS or WinLIS, you can be informed in advance by enabling required warning mechanisms.

Customizable searches
You can search retrospectively or daily. It provides the possibility to reach the searched person or data with searches based on test, unit, person name, surname, protocol, etc.

All results simultaneously in front of your doctor
As soon as the laboratory employee approves the patient's results, they can be accessed by the doctor.