Prestij Bilgisayar which adopted the principle of having firsts in Patient Information Management Systems in health sector and providing best health services to the patients, is proud of having another first in Turkey.

With our latest product for which a patent application is made and agreements are signed, we are aiming to give an end to patients waiting in the queues for long time.

One patient recognition card is enough to get rid of queues.

What is HTS (Patient Tracking System)?

All the patient needs to do is to go to the policlinic and read the patient recognition card to the barcode reader and wait for the examination turn after the completion of all registry operations automatically in 5 seconds.

No more official registry desks!

The patients can directly apply to any policlinic and can make provision, invoice registry and examination queue operations with HTS in only 5 seconds.

Why HTS?

Patient Recognition System should be evaluated with its labor and time saving character.

HTS provides a serious labor saving by removing the registry desks. A hospital serving 1000 patients a day and having 5 registry desks would save 7.200YTL of labor power, and this number would increase to 28.800 if 4 are removed. This would reach up to 100.000 YTL in 3 years. HTS brings an important income to the hospital if the recognition cards are sold to the patients in exchange for a working capital receipt. A hospital serving 1000 patients a day would sell an average of 50.000 cards per year in exchange for 1 YTL each.

The most important character of HTS is that it removes the queue problem in the industry. The time lost in the queues for the first application, labs, x-ray registries is invaluable. HTS allows direct examination for the patient without registry desk and can make the registry operation in 3-5 seconds compared to the 15-30 minutes in the queue. This operation makes it possible for the patient to be on time in the policlinic and allows the doctors and nurses in the policlinic to serve the patient on time.

The psychologies of the patients waiting in the registry queue are also very important. This should not be ignored in higher quality service understanding. This is not the case for HTS.

HTS allows all operations be made from the policlinic. It does not only give queue numbers, but also makes provisions and invoice operations of the patients. Moreover, it prevents data entry from the desk thus prevents incorrect entries.

HTS also allows patients to follow their names from the LCD screen. Thus there will be no interference in the queue.

In sum, HTS System which provides patient satisfaction, is labor saving, time saving, self sufficient and bringing no extra costs to the hospitals, is the newest and the best system in HIS industry.

How to use HTS?

HTS Overview

Patient satisfaction:
Official registry queue which suffers the patients will be history. With the help of this system which ends the queues as you know them will provide patients a high quality health service.

Time saving:
The patients will no more wait for appointment and registry queue and thus time loss will be minimized.

Labor saving:
Removal of registry desks will bring serious labor and cost saving to the hospital.

Increased income:
This system which is thought to bring much cost to the hospital can actually pay itself off in a very short while. Sale of patient recognition cards in exchange for working capital receipt brings a cost and labor income to the hospital.

The product is always open to development and change in accordance with the demands and needs of the hospitals.

Easy-to-use ergonomics:
HTS is designed in such a way that every patient with different levels of culture and education applying to the hospital can use.

System integration:
HTS system can optionally operate integrated with the HIS in the hospital.