31 MAY
Bursa Hastaneleri USS Ešitimi 31 May 2018 Thursday / Time: 16:51
Bursa Hastaneleri USS Ešitimi

Within the body of Bursa Provincial Health Directorate; The National Health System SYS Online will send data to the USS on Thursday, May 31, 2018 to discuss the technical problems in sending data to the USS, to increase the success rates, to check the USS (National Health System) data transmission status through the health facilities' SBYS (Health Information Management System) training meetings were held.

In order to reach the 95% -103% success rate that the Ministry has determined, Prestij Software explained the user screens that we have developed the new version of USS Supervisors and IT staff in the hospitals we serve in Bursa province.

We would like to thank the Bursa Provincial Health Directorate for all our hospital administrators, USS officials, IT staff and support for our education.

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