Prestij Bilgisayar started its activities in 1996 in a period when the health information industry just began to take shape, in order to bring freshness and quality to the industry.

It selected Medical IT for beginning activities and specialized in this area, with innovative projects and solutions for health institutions.

Prestij Bilgisayar has the goal to use the information the best way and produce user-friendly products and present these products to the institutions in the most economical conditions. The main principle of our projects is "user friendliness". We stick to this principle from the first to last project and in every demonstration we were praised because of this quality. Nearly 70 customers we serve within Turkey prove this.

Innovative firm understanding, following different technologies, has created projects with high added value and creating social benefits with importance given to R&D and future solutions. These projects include WinLIS (Laboratory Information System), DentalClinic (Oral and Dental Health Policlinic Touch-Screen Patient Tracking System), Patient Recognition System - New Generation TR Identity Cards Adaptation Project.

Prestij Bilgisayar has added its Oracle and Microsoft Partnership activities in 2008 to the technology investments it has been conducting with MySQL and continues its R&D activities with new generation development tools and Database Applications that will make an impression in the Medical IT industry.

Our firm which has been serving more than 70 public and private institutions within Turkey conducts these services with central staff of 52 persons and 2 regional managements, 88 IT and analyst group, and 3 regional representatives. Importance given to the human resources is obvious with rapidly increasing number of employees, training within or outside the institution and career planning.

Despite the dynamic structure of our industry, our staff which adapts to the development and change and our innovative solutions are at your service.